Go Back to Sleep

Sweet Dreams

Are made of these

"My name is Annie Walker. I have come back to Westfield to start over. I hope we can be friends."

Annie Walker - maiden name Kirkpatrick - is Zebediah Walker's ex-wife. Driven mad by the death of her first and only child, Annie has sworn her revenge on the supposed 'murder' of Zachariah Walker - on Zebediah, who she believes to have killed her baby. However, plans of revenge have been put on hold as her powers - the ability to create and manipulate nightmares - has turned on her and Annie has fallen into a coma. It is unsure whether she will wake or not.

{For the roleplay 'Seven Nation Army'.}

She’ll Eat You Alive

It was as though winter had come early.

The two sat across from one another: one with their hands folded over their lap, posture proper and expression neutral; the other with their legs crossed, leaning forward with their chin resting on their palm, their elbow on their knee.

Tilting her head curiously, the young woman smiled slowly, the expression filled with nothing but discontent and ill. Hazel-brown eyes narrowed somewhat, and she drummed the tips of her fingers against her cheek, foot twitching idly to music only she could hear.

Threading his fingers together, he leaned back subtly from her, grey eyes cold. It had been odd, receiving a request from this woman to meet up. He did not know a thing about her – other than she was once a significant part of Zebediah’s life, and after abruptly tearing herself away from him, she had managed to hurt him more than anything he currently knew. Not that he knew every detail of his lover’s history – that would come in time.

“So your name’s Allen?”

“Y-yes,” the doctor confirmed gently, nodding his head and staring at her carefully. A dark curl fell across his forehead, and he nimbly brushed the stray back, eyes never leaving the redheaded woman. The blood red colour of her hair did not appear natural.

In fact, nothing appeared natural about her.

“You’re a doctor?”


“Have you known Zebediah for long?”

Lips pressed thinly together, Allen straightened somewhat and studied her carefully, trying to figure out the rhyme or reason for her random bout of questioning. She merely smiled back at him, eyes much-too-wide to be relaxed, smile much-too-pleasant.

“…L-long enough.”


Another silence, more frozen and choking that before, felling over them, and Allen watched as Annie slowly pushed back loose strands of her long hair, glancing around the room as though she had never seen it before.

“Why are you with him?”

“H-how is it a-a-any of your b-business?”

“Call it curiousity. I want to know why someone as respectable and refined as you is with a guy like Zebediah.”

Allen’s eyes narrowed, his mood dropping significantly, words slowly turning to ice – Richard was not the only one in the family who could show his displeasure. Allen just had less of a reason to.

“Zebediah is a perfectly lovely young man, with talents and a beautiful personality.” His voice was soft, gentle, a hiss through the air, and he watched as Annie slowly straightened, her smile twitching and fading faintly. “I see no reason why I would not be with a ‘guy like Zebediah’. Why am I here?”

“You associate with Zebediah.”

Allen cocked his head to the side, attempting to see the logic in her reasoning. She smiled then, all teeth and no emotion tied to it – carnivore in the shape of a dainty, frail looking woman with too-wide eyes.

“I don’t like it.”

The doctor’s eyes widened as Annie stood up then, brushing off his shirt of wrinkles and walking towards the exit behind Allen, pausing beside him and reaching out, trailing to tips of her fingers over his cheek invasively. He flinched as she tugged idly on a curl, folding her hands into her pockets and giving a polite little smile before walking off, disappearing.

Sitting in the sudden silence of the room, Allen stared down at his shaking hands and wondered what all of that meant for the future.